Office-365 A1 US(Connector ON)

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This offering comprises a total of 1000 licenses of Office 365 A1 tailored for educational institutions, providing an extensive suite of productivity tools and collaboration capabilities. With 500 licenses allocated for faculty members and 500 for students, this license package supports the diverse needs of both educators and learners, fostering enhanced communication, collaboration, and productivity within the educational ecosystem.

License Type: Office 365 A1
Office 365 A1 is specifically curated to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, offering essential productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, among others.
With cloud-based storage and access to online versions of Office applications, users can create, edit, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from anywhere, fostering a dynamic and flexible learning environment.

Number of Licenses: 1000
This license package includes a total of 1000 licenses, with 500 licenses designated for faculty members and 500 for students, ensuring widespread access to the Office 365 suite across the educational institution’s community.

Account Type: Education
Tailored for educational entities, this account type aligns with the unique requirements and objectives of educational institutions, facilitating enhanced collaboration and productivity among educators and learners.
Domain: With Sub-Domain (Ownership not Included)
The account is provisioned with a domain and sub-domain structure, enabling users to personalize their online presence within the educational domain. Ownership of the domain is not included, ensuring compliance with domain usage policies.

Account Creation Time [Teams]: 2023
The account was created in 2023, providing users with access to Microsoft Teams, a powerful collaboration platform that facilitates virtual classrooms, meetings, and teamwork, enhancing communication and engagement within the educational community.

Country / Region: United States (US)
This license package is tailored to educational institutions based in the United States, aligning with regional regulations and standards while catering to the specific needs of the US educational landscape.

Warranty Time: No Warranty
The license package is provided without warranty, offering transparency regarding the terms and conditions of usage while empowering educational institutions to leverage Office 365 A1 to its fullest potential.

This comprehensive Office 365 A1 Education License package empowers educational institutions in the United States to foster innovation, collaboration, and digital literacy among faculty, staff, and students, driving academic excellence and success.


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Office-365 A1 US(Connector ON)

$ 75,00

Out of stock